Board management software helps boards and their management teams manage board requests more efficiently and securely than traditional tools like email, text documents, spreadsheets, and Dropbox.

It is divided into two main categories:

    1. Company portals have been around for 15 years and serve company board members at a cost of $10,000 per year. The governance portal typically focuses on document management, dissemination, and security, and primarily serves board members.
    2. Board management software is a new category aimed at small and medium sized businesses/enterprises and not for profits that cannot justify the cost of a corporate portal. Secure board software typically provides greater value to both the workflow tool and document repository, serving both board members and management needs throughout the board lifecycle.

How Much Is It

The price of the board portal depends on its functionality, the amount of storage space and the number of users. You can even manage multiple boards from one portal and easily switch between them.

Many board portals on the market offer an affordable price for unlimited users and storage, creating a great platform for board directors to focus on important decision-making processes. Modern board portal technology allows administrators to manage meetings of different boards. It does not require any special training, which makes the software accessible to all users, even complete beginners.

Using technology for board meetings offers many benefits in terms of secure document management and efficient decision-making. When comparing board portal prices, remember that not all costs are upfront. For example, you can pay an additional fee per user because you are giving new people access to the portal.

The introduction of new board management software means that all users have to spend extra time and effort learning how to use it. So, if you want to minimize board portal costs, you can do it by paying attention to the following aspects:

Easy Setup

It’s important to make sure you know how long it will take for your board portal to be up and running. You need to figure out roughly how much time it would take to upload and organize all the files. Then add more users and assign permission levels.

Training Needs

Also consider the time it would take for your teammates to learn the software and whether additional training is required. It’s worth considering whether users need special training to use the software or whether the platform is intuitive and user-friendly enough.

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Support Quality

Check how support is rated and what other pros are saying about the vendor’s customer support. You need to be sure that when you have a problem with the software, the support team will respond immediately and help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Clear Pricing

The most important question to ask yourself here is, “Does the plan you choose cover all the needs of your business, or will you have to pay more for additional storage space or more user permissions?” Before choosing any software, you need to be specific know what you want.” Pay again to avoid hidden fees and charges.

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All of these aspects should be considered when looking for the most suitable Board Portal price. When looking for the best solution for your business, it’s also worth considering the training opportunities and useful resources available to users, as not every user has experience using board meeting technology. If you run an organization where directors frequently hold meetings with guests or industry experts, it pays to choose a board portal with unlimited users.

Is It Worth Saving On Board Software?

There are board portals on the market at different prices – depending on their feature set, number of users, and other factors – giving you a range of options to choose from. You can consider the characteristics of your business and find a cloud board portal service that fits your specific needs as well as your budget. Some providers allow users to manage multiple boards, which can also affect pricing.

Compare The Best Board Portale Prices

Dollar bills in glass jar on wooden table. savings concept.

Remember that just by using a board portal for secure board management you are already saving resources. Maintaining such a platform does not require large investments or additional costs. Administrators and board members spend less time sharing, reading and updating information, scheduling meetings and saving money previously spent on printing, binding and mailing documents. It’s worth getting a decent board management software as it serves as a long-term investment that will bring more and more benefits to your business over time.

Free Board Management Software Versus Paid Products

Meeting management software prices range from thousands of dollars per year to completely free. But while using freeboard management software is tempting, it will come at a different cost: reduced efficiency and security.

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Efficiency is reduced because freeboard management software isn’t as comprehensive and intuitive as the software you pay for. The interfaces are simple, so it’s harder to organize and highlight information in a way that board members can directly access what matters. Additionally, sign-up processes can be time-consuming and daunting. And the board portal offers features like easy login, which allows users to quickly switch between different boards without having to log in multiple times.

Free meeting management software is also less secure, so you cannot guarantee that your company data is safe. The risk of a data breach is much higher, which can result in costly damage. However, if you are looking for a cloud platform for handling information that is not confidential or mission-critical, then it is the right choice for you.